1 recruitment = 1 tree

For each employee you recruit, plant a tree in the world with Reforest'Action

1- When recruiting an employee, invite your new Colleague to plant his tree online on your dedicated tree lot (see tree lot example here)

2- Whatch your tree lot grow. Thanks to our monthly newletter, your Colleagues understand their social and environmental impact by joining your Company. 


You can choose where to plant trees from Reforest'Action's high quality reforestation projects. Our projects:

  • Sequester CO2 to limit climate change
  • Provide social benefits to local populations
  • Develop biodiversity

Discover them in PeruSenegal and India


How to become a Partner?

1Contact us through the contact form on the right. Do not forget to tell us which reforestation project you wish to support

2- After agreeing on the Partnership Agreement, we set up your page on Reforest'Action (example here) and send you some codes you can forward to your Colleagues. They will plant their tree free of charge and take part of your action for the environment.

3We inform our community about our Partnership to give you as much visibility as possible

That's it! You can start acting for the environment by planting trees in the world. You can put our logo on your website and marketing materials.


Is my Company eligible for this partnership?

If your Company already develops actions to reduce its impact on the environment and you wish to do something more visible to your Colleagues, YES, you are eligible (except if you are in the tobacco, pornography or petroleum industries).


How much does it cost?

Your contribution to reforestation must represent at least 1 tree per new employee. In addition, there is an administration fee of $280 to set up the Partnership Agreement.

The trees will be invoiced on a quaterly basis, based on your recruitments.


Join today!

Fill in the form beside (or contact us on contact@reforestaction.com), we'll come back to you within the next 48 hours.

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