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Deforestation is responsible for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, impacting climate change. Planting trees improves the environment and the living conditions of rural populations in developing countries.

Reforest'Action selects high quality reforestation projects in areas where trees:

  • Sequester CO2 to limit climate change
  • Provide social benefits to local populations
  • Develop biodiversity

Discover our projects in Peru, Senegal and Haiti


1- Plant trees on your own tree lot today!

Create your own tree lot with your name and logo on one of our top rated reforestation projects around the world, all registered in the Billion Tree Campaign initiated by the United Nations (see a tree lot example here).

That's it, you're all set! You can plant trees online on your tree lot. 

Doing great things don't have to cost a lot of money! Here are the costs per tree:

India: $1.24        Senegal : $2.06           Peru: $2.48

You will receive news from your trees all year long thanks to our monthly newsletter. Do not hesitate to share them regularly with your contacts.


2- Invite your Customers and Colleagues to plant trees

With Reforest'Action, you can offer trees to your Customers and Colleagues. They will plant their tree online on your dedicated tree lot.

To offer trees, just complete the form on the right. We will send you a Paypal payment request by email and also a link to forward to your contacts. They will plant their tree free of charge and take part of your action for the environment.

3- Become a Partner

You want to grow your tree lot and continue making the difference? Here are somme opportunities to become a Partner of Reforest'Action:

1 product = 1 tree

For each product or service sold, plant a tree on your tree lot. You can also offer this tree to your Customer so he can participate to your action.

1 recruitment = 1 tree

For each person you recruit, plant a tree on your tree lot. What better way to start a solid relationship with your employees?