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The Reforest'Action projects aim at fighting deforestation and improving local population life conditions. We work directly with local villagers to plant trees and with a local NGO to coordinate the project. So far, our projects have improved the life conditions of 10,000 people in Haiti, Senegal, Peru, Guatemala... Please discover the projects by selecting them in the menu above.



In order for the planted trees to live up to their promises to the climate, the environment and social development, Reforest 'Action respects the following conditions :

- The first is to keep the trees alive. Planting a tree is simple,but keeping it alive so that the first passing animal does not eat it, is much harder.

- The second is that the countries where the trees are planted are chosen to maximize the climatic benefits.  According to the scientific theory of hydrologists and climatologists ("Global Cooling Project"), restoring vegetation on a large scale in targeted areas on the equatorial belt will have a cooling effect on the world climate. Therefore, Reforest 'Action's projects are implemented in these areas,  which are the most affected by climate changes and poverty.
The forests have a significant impact on the fight against climate change in which we are all victims today and even more so tomorrow, particularly the vulnerable populations in developing countries.

- The third is to put the villagers at the heart of the action : it is the villagers who do the planting and who benefit from the economic, environmental and social rewards of the plantations, and in doing so who directly improve their own quality of life. The goal is for the villagers to be autonomous and for the act of reforestation to continue spontaneously.   

- Finally, the intention is not to take over the village, but to work together with the villagers and enhance their knowledge.  Reforestation requires specialized skills provided by technicians, agronomical engineers and experts in forestry. They listen to the needs of the villagers and use their technical expertise and scientific knowledge to respond to their needs and enhance their skills. Once they are informed and equipped, the villagers become autonomous and take ownership of the reforestation.  


- In order to guarantee the maximum benefits of your action with Reforest 'Action, we have decided to work in a small, select group of countries.

- We illustrate the benefits of your contribution in planting clearly designed tree lots.

- The trees that you buy are planted at a specific time of year based on the climate conditions and operational constraints in each country.   

- Regular feedback from the field on our website allows you to develop a relationship with the villagers.  

- The planted tree species are chosen based on the operational needs of the villagers while respecting your choices as much as possible.  

- We partner with forestry experts in order to guarantee the quality of our projects to you.  

The rigorous methods we employ to select our projects, our transparency in spending and our regular updates from the field is our recipe for giving you a secure way to act on a grand scale for Man and the Environment.  

Your questions and comments are welcome on our Facebook page or via email at contact(a)