Acting for Man and the Environment by planting trees around the world.  

Trees planted with Reforest 'Action are made possible with the help of the Trees and Life program which provides a guarantee for the financial aspect of the project.  

The goal of Reforest 'Action is to bring you a simple way to make a large-scale difference for  Man and the Environment.  In doing so, the reforestation project brings about concrete and durable benefits.

Each tree is planted in the ground by the local inhabitants.  They are the sole beneficiaries and see their living conditions improve over time because of the products harvested from the trees (fruit, gum, honey...).

The trees affect the climate and emit moisture into the air. Planted in large numbers, they filter the air and improve the rainfall in regions where droughts are long and difficult.  

Forests promote biodiversity by creating living spaces for endangered plant and animal species.   

Trees are planted according to the climate and agricultural calendar of each country.   
In the near future, additional countries will be introduced so that you can make a simple gesture and contribute to an international program.  

Act with your friends and family to make a difference.

Take a closer look at what differences your small gesture will make in Senegal for example:

In planting one tree lot with your friends and family, you can improve the living conditions of a family of 10.

10 ornamental trees protect a family home from the sun and encourage community gatherings.

50 fruit trees provide supplemental nutrition and additional income to the family.

100 endangered trees restore the original biodiversity of the forest. 

500 fast growing trees significantly reduce the distance a woman walks every day to gather firewood.

1000 hedges protect the family fields from bad weather and animals.


Every bit counts !  Become a Reforest 'Actor and plant a tree with Reforest 'Action


Trees planted with Reforest ’Action are accounted for in the program « Plant for the Planet » with United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP).