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Main planted trees: mango, jatropha, citron, Eucalytpus, moringa.

Objectives: soil restoration, fight against deforestation, energy independence and economic development of the people.

Type of planting: Agroforestry essentially

Planting Period: July to September

Activities: plantations, development of timber and non-timber, sectors development, biofuel and green electricity production, training of local actors, environmental education in schools.

Partners and associates players: Kinomé and SOPREEF (Society for the Promotion of Access to Energy and Water in the department of Foundiougne), city of Sokone, academy, national rural electrification agency

Launch Date: 2011



Eroded soils and deforestation

The rural populations of Senegal depend to 80% of the forests to meet their subsistence needs (food, energy, health). Yet the status of forest degrades under pressure from agricultural production and firewood. Intensive farming of peanuts for many years has eroded the soil and resulted in crops drops. Farmers need to diversify their cultures by viable alternatives to secure their crops and improve their income. They must restore their land.

Social development and energy independence through agroforestry

Located in the region of Sine Saloum (southwestern Senegal), the project supported by Reforest'Action is locally led by SOPREEF. This Senegalese social business was created by a consortium including 600 farmers today with the support of the NGO Présent d'Avenir and Performance design office. Entitled EESF (Energy Water Solidarity Foundiougne), the project aims to:

1) plant trees in agroforestry in and around the fields, in association with food crops (sorghum, millet, peanuts ...) that provide food and income as well as wood for construction and firewood.

2) developing sectors from trees to diversify sources of energy (biofuel and green electricity) and improve farmers' incomes (fruit sales, manufacturing soaps, organic cosmetics production...).

3) Educate pupipls to the benefits of the trees and the forest so that the children become the first defenders.

Autonomy and monitoring

Villagers are driving the project. They manage nurseries, plant on their land and enjoy the fruits of their labor and their trees. Farmers are at the heart of strategic decisions taken by the SOPREEF. They are entrepreneurs and agents of their own development.

Planted trees are monitored during the first two years (the most critical for their development), in which each dead tree is replaced. The quality control of the project is provided by the French company Kinomé .


Businesses: if you are interested in planting trees in Senegal with your customers and employees, please contacts us : contact(a)    +33 184 780 481

Individuals: you can directly plant trees online and give trees to your family and friends.