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The Reforest'Team is based in Rueil-Malmaison, near Paris, in France.




Stéphane Hallaire is an engineer. After an eye-opening trip to Senegal, where he planted his first tree in Casamance, he decided to change his life and created Reforest'Action. His goal: finally provide concrete solutions to businesses to act on the environment, and make it a real lever for positive and sustainable development. Eight years after the beginning of this odyssey, Reforest'Action celebrates its 2 million trees planted!





MARIEM RAÏSS  Happiness Officer

Her  head is French, her heart is Moroccan and her soul a little Puerto Rican. Mariem is a linguist who has a passion for human beings. She loves words and all the bridges that languages ​​allow her to build between her and the others. At Reforest'Action, she takes care of the administration and accounting. The composure and severity of figures soothe her and even help her to be more creative. Outside of work, you will find her writing about her dreams or dancing to Ricky Martin.  Her zest for life makes us all smile!




NICOLAS BLAIN  Communications Manager

Coming from a background in International Law, Nicolas began his career working for the United Nations with indigenous peoples (Pygmies) of Congo. An unforgettable experience in the heart of the rainforest, which probably contributed to lead him to Reforest'Action. This nature lover likes to walk on mountain tops, where he found the humility and wisdom that humanity needs to meet current environmental challenges. His hope? That Nature and ecosystems will have Rights one day and that man will rebuild his lifestyle on a harmonious respect for biodiversity!




ANNE-LISE AVRIL  Digital Producer

Anne-Lise spent the summers of her childhood in the Ardennes Forest, and has the nostalgia of its mysteries and poetry. Passionate about art and literature, she is always preparing her next trip: from Russia to Greenland, it is cold and distant areas that attract her most. At Reforest'Action, she combines photography and writing to tell stories where the trees are kings, enliven the community of Reforest'Actors worldwide, and transmit her dream of a planet as green as an apple!





THIBAUD POULAIN  Coordinator of Forest Projects

Thibaud shines with his complete vision of the environment, the fragility of its balances and its capacity for resilience. As a child, he built tree houses. Today, these green giants continue to represent for him a source of permanent wonder. The one who whispers in the ear of the forests is also listening, at Reforest'Action, to passionate forest owners and enthusiastic project holders. Thibaud will make your ideas grow to plant even more trees everywhere in the world!





DIMITRI D'HELFT  Coordinator of Forest Projects

Known in the team as "the man who loved blue titmice", Dimitri spent part of his childhood in a small village in the Ardennes, lost between the woods and meadows. There, he learned about the joys of the forest through his bike rides in the footsteps of the great fauna. At Reforest'Action, he ensures the link with forest owners thanks to his outstanding sense of contact. Outside of work, he devotes himself to his family and the construction of a wooden house in Normandy. A project that reflects his desire to live in harmony with the environment and the essential values of Nature.




ISABELLE DUPIN  Account Manager

Isabelle has always kept out of the box. After living a year in Côte d'Ivoire and six months in Peru to better understand the challenges of deforestation and the Amazonian forest, she ultimately decided to settle down and join Reforest'Action, wanting more than ever to act for the environment. In her everyday life, she shows herself to be available and dedicated to her customers, happy to know that every day, trees are planted through her work!





FANNY EPAUD  Account Manager

Fanny grew up in the salt marshes of Guérande. A unique place from which she kept a very strong love of nature and the great outdoors. An ecologist at heart and in her mind, she spends her days at Reforest'Action convincing the largest companies in the world to plant trees. Always in search of new discoveries, she is crazy about Cameroonian art house cinema. Her dream? Succeed in making the tiny pine tree which keeps her company on her desk grow into a very tall tree !





STEPHANIE BONET  Account Manager

Originally from the city of Gex on the border between France and Switzerland, Stéphanie is passionate about everything that allows her to discover the beauty of the world: travel, meditation, ethnic art, high mountain sports... Vegetarian, she is involved through different associations for a better recognition of animal rights and struggles for the protection of the Jura lynx in particular. With Reforest'Action, she helps companies in their commitment to the environment, and excels at convincing the most reluctant of the interest of trees to fight climate change!




CHRISTELLE ALEA  Assistante commerciale

Passionate about travel and new encounters, Christelle carries in her heart the Vietnamese origins of her grandmother. But it was in Madagascar that she discovered the beauty and secrets of the primary forest. A true Swiss Army knife of the Reforest'Action Partnerships team, she guides companies that want to plant trees towards the solution best suited to their projects. Sportswoman, nature lover, she likes to climb cliffs and cuddle the trees that cross her path. And if it's magnolias and frangipani, it's even better!